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SMEL Industry is an innovative and imaginative machine factory. We are anchored locally, think globally and offer unique solutions to customers around the world. Read more about product development.

SMEL Industry is centrally located in Denmark with easy access to the EU motorway network. The company was founded in 1990 based around the core values of “Solutions based on quality and flexibility”.

From our high-tech machine factory we cater to the industrial, hospital and defense sectors both at home and abroad. See examples.

SMEL Industry works the entire spectrum

SMEL Industry delivers total solutions where development, production demand, surface treatment, assembly and CE approval are included. Several of our customer groups use us as a total supplier.

SMEL Industry has its own watchmaker employed for fine mechanical assembly tasks. Our modern machines can produce very small details.

At the other end of the scale, our biggest mold to date is 3500 × 6000 mm in form aluminum.

MISSION: “We want to be independent and well-functioning with commercial sales. The pride we take in our work will make us the preferred choice for innovative development companies. “

SMEL Industry adheres to QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DS / EN ISO 9001. Read more.

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The BeginningOUR STORY



Smel Industry ApS is established.

World wide delivery

Smel Industry develops training cycles for spacecraft. This is Smel Industry’s first international project.

Construction of machine factory

The first machine factory is operational at our home address.

Purchase of BUSCH Vacuum Technique

Smel Industry acquires the production plant at BUSCH Vakumteknik.

Construction of a larger machine factory hall

Smel Industry establishes a larger building for relocation of our machine factory setup.


Candor ApS is established as a partner.

Stenstrup Valves

Stenstrup Valves is founded.

Liberty Care Company

Liberty Care Company is established under Smel Industry.

Liberty Care Company sold

Liberty Care Company – the business is sold

Stenstrup Valves transfer

Stenstrup Valves – transfer to GVA Group

An experienced crewOUR TEAM

Henrik Mortensen

Direct tlf. (45) 62 29 16 53 lokal 1

CEO of SMEL Industry ApS

Philip Bendixen

Direct tlf. (45) 62 29 16 53 lokal 2

Production Manager · Sales

Erik Langelund

Direct tlf. (45) 62 29 16 53 local 3

Repair · Construction

Michael Jeppesen

Direct tlf. (45) 62 29 16 53 Local 2

Production · CNC

Claus Hansen

Direct tlf. (45) 93 39 39 32

Foreman · Production · CNC

Helle Langelund

Direct tlf. (45) 62 29 16 53 local 4

Economics · Administration