Fire allowed for optimization of production

After a fire in our production facilities on March 16th, we are now finally in place after almost four weeks of silence. A really unfortunate period for a company that is used to deliver “just in time”, with a short delivery time and a high degree of delivery security, at the agreed time and place.

We at SMEL Industry have chosen to look positively at the fire. For us, it posed a sudden opportunity to reorganize the entire production. Thus, today, we have had a more streamlined production flow, where some workflows have been changed so radically that it will benefit both you as a customer and us as a company.

New website for Liberty Care Bed

During the four weeks production was down,  we did manage to work on key strategic processes. Within the next couple of weeks we will be launching a new website for our new Liberty Bed for the care industry. It’s a product we expect a lot from and which has received a lot of attention from the very first day it was presented.

The product is sold through Liberty Care Company, which is part of SMEL Industry.

Certification of rotary valve program

Our rotary valve program is constantly expanded and all our valves can now be purchased with an ATEX Zone 20 certificate, if this is a requirement. This is benefits both our old and future customers.

In January TÜV’s audited our quality management system ISO 9001.

TÜV delivers audit on both our ISO management and our ATEX approvals.